Weekly Security Update

Southern Iraq (South Central and South East Regions)

The South Central Region reported a total of seven incidents during the period, an increase of one on last weeks figure and just below the 2012 weekly average of eight.  While the majority of incidents occurred in Babil, incidents were also reported in Wasit, Dhi Qar and Karbala.  While there was an absence of high profile attacks in the South Central Region, a VBIED targeted a police patrol in the Nile area of Babil, wounding one officer. In a separate incident an IED detonated outside the house of a policewoman in the north of the province.  Elsewhere, ISF reported a clash with militants at a checkpoint in Jurf al-Sakhr and two IEDs were disarmed outside civilian homes in Hamiya and Iskandariya.  An IED detonated against an Iraqi employee of the Red Crescent outside his house in Suwaira in northern Wasit and In Karbala; six IEDs were discovered during an ISF operation, which also resulted in the arrest of twelve individuals on (Article 4) terrorism charges.

For the third week in a row, incident levels have remained low in the South East Region, with just five incidents during the reporting period.  While an increase of one on last weeks figure, the weekly count still sits below the 2012 weekly average of seven.  A notable cache was seized by ISF in a village north of Nasiriyah, containing a haul of ‘modern’ sniper rifles with silencers, RPG systems, mortar rounds and grenades.  An IED was also found and disarmed in the Dooaih district of Dhi Qar.  In central Amarah, an IED targeted a billiard hall and in a separate incident two people were reported kidnapped.  In Basra province there was a protracted exchange of SAF between security forces after a misunderstanding at a checkpoint in Tuwaysa district, with two IPS members wounded as a result.  Two fake IEDs were discovered at a school in Abu Sakhir area, which were dealt with by ISF.

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