MP Accuses Turkey of Limiting Water Supply

By John Lee.

An Iraqi Member of Parliament has accused Turkey of limiting the supply of water to Iraq for political reasons.

MP Karim Elewi of the Parliamentary Agriculture Committee said Iraqi agriculture was being damaged by the shortage of the water amount coming from Turkey, and by governmental neglect for this important sector, which ranks after the oil sector in terms of revenue.

He told All Iraq News Agency (AIN):

"There are several factors that led to deteriorating the agricultural sector most notably the shortage of water amounts coming from Turkey where it is controlling the Iraqi water flow and using this topic for political aims ... The amounts of waters coming from Turkey are inadequate and do not meet the need of the irrigation.

"At the same time, there is clear negligence by the Iraqi Government to this sector through not giving it priority as it represents vital resource for the Iraqi economy."

(Source: AIN)

(Picture: Irrigation in Husseiniya, Karbala)

One Response to MP Accuses Turkey of Limiting Water Supply

  1. Mustafa 11th January 2013 at 12:14 #

    Turkey is giving more water than they guaranteed with the International Agreement. They can give even less according to the agreement with all parties accepted. However, Iraqi parliament member, as usual, is blaming Turkey as a political move and just to save their own failure. Everywhere in Iraq is sewage and mixing with the rivers, clean water. There is no infrastructure. After all, the funny thing is, Turkey is giving more water than its 80 million population's usage capacity. So, the parliamenter should know that if the 35 million population need more than Turkey's 80 millions demand, there has to be something wrong.. If all the parliament stop stealing, bribing, I am sure too many services that you fail will turn back to normal..