US Top Priority: Expand Investment and Commercial Ties with Iraq

An increasing number of Iraqis are studying in the United States (up 31 per cent from last year) and benefitting from the best higher education system in the world. The Embassy sends hundreds of other young people for exchange visits to the United States, as well. We are also enhancing the bilateral cultural relationship by bringing musical acts, poets, filmmakers, and authors to share their perspectives with Iraqi audiences.

Over one thousand disadvantaged Iraqi youths are among those who have enrolled in our immensely popular English language programs, and our prestigious Fulbright Scholarship program funds more Iraqis to continue their graduate studies in the United States than students from any other country in the region. Americans and Iraqis are meeting, learning and working together in unprecedented numbers to help both our countries share a vibrant, prosperous, and democratic future.

The United States will continue to be a true friend to Iraq. We will help as friends do, be honest as friends are, and work together toward common goals as friends must. This is my government’s commitment and my personal promise.

(Source: United States Embassy)

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