Outlook for the MENA Region 2013

The UK's Middle East Association invites you to register for what promises to be an engaging and interactive event led by a panel of experts who will outline some of the challenges, risks and also potential causes for optimism for the year ahead in the Middle East and North Africa.

Following two years of major political upheaval across the MENA region, this forum aims to explore what 2013 may hold in store and discuss which issues and individuals are likely to define the agenda for the upcoming year. This briefing aims to highlight in particular which issues are most likely to impact international business and draw attention to issues and trends which may not been fully discussed in the media.

From the conflict in Syria and its potential to destabilise the region, to Iran’s stance on the international stage and the lack of tangible progress on addressing the key drivers of unrest there is no shortage of potential flash-points that could presage instability in many MENA countries.

However, the uprisings have arguably brought with them a new-found sense of optimism and hope for democratic change though; with Libya, for instance continuing to make progress in overcoming the legacy of civil war and the Gaddafi era. Despite the current turbulence, Egyptians also remain hopeful that the coming year may see increasing political stability. There are also many countries in the MENA region which have avoided the political turbulence seen elsewhere in the region with countries such as Qatar predicting strong economic growth and significant opportunities for business in 2013.

This event, which includes a networking event following the presentations and Q&A, will be chaired by the MEA’s Director General Matthew Smith with the following confirmed speakers:

  • Alia Moubayed, Senior Economist at Barclays Capital
  • Jon Marks, Chairman of Cross Border Information
  • Jane Kinninmont, Senior Research Fellow, MENA, at Chatham House
  • Justin Davies, Managing Director at C2M Solutions
  • Siddik Bakir, Energy Analyst IHS World Markets Energy

To make the very most of this event and to explore topics of concern and interest in more detail, we invite attendees to submit a question that they would like to see addressed in the application form attached.

If you would like to receive further information regarding this event or register a question for the panelists separately please contact Jonathan Terry at: jo[email protected]. Please send your registration forms to [email protected] or sign up online at www.the-mea.co.uk

This event is FREE to members. The rate for non-members is £50 (excluding VAT)

You can download further details here.

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