Record Growth at Erbil International Airport

Developments in 2012 -

  • Awarding of airport certificate by Iraq Civil Aviation Authority
  • Completion of radar project
  • Contract with specialist team develop and enhance the introduction of radar approach and training of air traffic control specialists
  • Immigration: In 2012 the immigration department discovered 187 counterfeit passports and suspect documents from the country of origin. Of the 187, 43 were European passports and visas and 83 Iraqi fake passports , 12 were false Turkish passports , 18 forged Iraqi and Kurdistan visa papers were discovered via immigration checks. A further 27 Indian and Nepalese passports were also found to be counterfeit
  • Opening of new 'Meet &Greet' facility - to enhance passenger experience for passengers and those waiting to collect them.

Random facts:

  • The average passenger growth rate since 2006 and the launch of civilian aviation traffic at Erbil International is 35% a year.
  • The 2012 increase of 53 % is the strongest year on year growth for five years.
  • The monthly pattern for travel demand through EIA is consistent with airports in the Middle East and sees peak traffic through in July and September.
  • On average 2,589 passengers used the airport each day in 2012
  • In 2011, routes from Erbil International served 10 countries and 18 cities, in 2012, connectivity was enhanced and Erbil International currently serves 23 cities in 15 different countries, a 28% increase.
  • In 2011, EIA had 15 airlines partners, in 2012, that number increased to 21, a 40% increase

(Source: EIA)

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