US Embassy Commemorates Int'l Human Rights

U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Stephen Beecroft (pictured) hosted a reception at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad to commemorate International Human Rights. The event was attended by members of the Council of Representatives’ Human Rights Committee, members of the Independent High Commission for Human Rights, civil society figures, and representatives from the international and diplomatic community.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has often said that “advancing freedom and human rights is our daily work.” The U.S. Mission in Iraq has devoted itself to promoting liberty, equality, and justice in Iraq not only because it is the right thing to do, but because it is also the smart thing to do. Governments that respect human rights, and especially freedom of the press, are more stable, secure, and prosperous, and make better friends and allies for the United States.

Here in Iraq, the U.S. Mission is dedicated to supporting the principles of International Human Rights and the efforts of civil society and the Government of Iraq to promote these principles. As Ambassador Beecroft stated at this event:

"We applaud the collective effort and energy of dedicated Iraqis like the ones gathered here today, who are committed to broadening citizen protections, enhancing the rights of women and minorities, caring for the disabled, and shielding the press from outside interference. The United States values the partnership of our Iraqi counterparts and remains committed to working together to advance human rights and democracy in Iraq."

(Source: US Embassy)

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