Investment Opportunities in Iraqi Fiber Networks

By John Lee.

The General Company of Post and Communications has announced that it intends to offer "huge investment opportunities" in the provision of optical fiber networks.

AIN reports that the investment opportunities, running to billions of dollars, aim to take advantage of the geographic location of Iraq as a route for information and communications from Europe to the countries of the Arab Gulf.

The company, which is part of the Ministry of Communications, is planning to offer the opportunity for private sector companies to provide information and communications services, while the infrastructure will remain the responsibility of the General Company of Post and Communications.

(Source: AIN)

One Response to Investment Opportunities in Iraqi Fiber Networks

  1. Ameer 14th February 2013 at 23:37 #

    Sir, because of cheap Iraqi Dinar against US$(1US$=1100/-+ Iraq-Dinar),people, out site world, would jump in to invest in Iraq, If Dinar ' Value goes up like Kuwait Dinar, then situation would change, and one of the richest oil reserve country should think power of oil, need to raise value of their Dinar, like other neighbouring countries, decision would change life of all Iraqis, God Willing. Ameer.