Training on Management of Investment Zones

By John Lee.

In collaboration with OECD and and National Investment Commission (NIC), a special two-day training course in the management of investment zones was held recently in Baghdad.

On behalf of NIC chairman Dr. Sami Al-Araji, NIC advisor Dr. Abdullah Al-Bander welcomed participants representing several ministries, including Industry and Minerals, Communication, Finance and the NIC.

He said he NIC's priority was to create a well-qualified cadre with international expertise in investment and investment zone management. Al-Bander also confirmed the important role played by OECD in investment zone management, and its role in attracting FDI (foreign direct investment) to Iraq.

The NIC has suggested many investment zones such as BIAP, Hutain in Babylon province, Al-forat Al- Awsat area, the free duty zone between Nineveh and Duhouk, and the Zubair area in Basra.

(Source: NIC)

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