Alstom Signs $1.5bn Monorail Contract

By John Lee.

French firm Alstom has reportedly signed a $1.5-billion deal with the Iraqi authorities the for the design and construction of a monorail system in Baghdad.

Azzaman reports that the contract was signed by Baghdad Governor Salah Abdulrazzaq and Alstom representatives in the Iraqi capital.

“The aim of the project is to ease congestions in Baghdad and provide a fast means of transport between the capital’s most densely populated neighborhoods,” he said.

The first phase will be 25 kilometers long and will require the building of 14 stations. Iraq will pay the cost in installments over a six-year period.

Abdulrazzaq said there is to be a second phase, but did not mention when a contract for its construction will be announced.

(Source: Azzaman)

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  2. Uruki-the-Iraqi 15th February 2013 at 00:36 #

    Baghdad’s Governor, Salah Abdul Razaq signed on Sunday a contract with a French company to design a magnetic levitation train “Maglev” in Baghdad, mentioning that the project’s cost amounts to 1 billion 500 million Dollars in its first stage.

    “The province signed a contract with Alstom a French company to provide a design for the project of building the first stage of a maglev train”, said Abdul Razaq in a statement to Alsumaria on the margin of the contract signing; noting that “the project’s cost amounts to 1 billion 500 million Dollars in its first stage”.

    “This project aims to reduce traffic congestion and transport citizens to different regions in the capital with a higher speed. It will be the first public transportation means of its kind in Baghdad where 30 thousand passengers will be transported in one hour”, added Abdul Razaq.

    “The rails will pass by both sides of Ar Rasafa and Al Karakh at a distance of 25 km” mentioned Baghdad’s Governor, revealing that “the first stage encompasses 14 stations starting from Al Shaab region, through Al Moustansiriyah, Al Aatifiyah, Al Muthana airport and finally Al Aalawi region considered to be the last stop of the maglev”.

    “This project’s cost will be settled in installments throughout 6 years” highlighted Abdul Razaq, explaining that “the train will run on electric energy provided by special power plants without depending on local energy sources”.

    “The second phase of its track starts from Al Aalawi region passing through Oum At Touboul mosque, Al Bayaa and As Saydiyah. The third stage will then be executed starting from As Saydiyah, Al Jadiriyah, Al Karada and finally Al Aalawi”, said Abdul Razaq.

    Head of the Strategic Planning Committee in Baghdad council Mohammad Al Rabi’i announced on January 15, 2013 that a delegation; including members from Baghdad secretariat, Baghdad provincial council, traffic general directorate and the Parliament; signed a memorandum of understanding with a giant French company specializing in the field of trains, to put final schematics for Baghdad maglev in 180 days.

    Iraqi Republic Railways Company, Magnetic Levitation Train Department presented at an earlier time Baghdad Investment Commission with an investment opportunity to build Baghdad’s Maglev Monorail train. The first plans of building a metro network in Iraq go back to the 1970s; however the plan was put on hold due to the Iraqi-Iranian war (1980- 1988). If implemented this project would have been the first of its kind in the Arab World.

    (Source: Alsumaria News)


  1. What In The World is This,,,,, I did not see this on main stream news. HUM » Global Reset Society - 14th February 2013

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