KRG President Barzani Meets US Ambassador

In a meeting with the US Ambassador to Iraq Robert Beecroft on Sunday, President Barzani said the KRG believes that only through meaningful dialogue can Iraq’s current crisis be ended and that the KRG is working to initiate consultation meetings with other Iraqi sides in Erbil.

In the meeting, President Barzani and Ambassador Beecroft discussed the problems facing Iraq’s political process and efforts by President Barzani to bring Iraq’s political groups together in Erbil and to find lasting solutions to key challenges facing the country.

President Barzani said he will continue in his efforts to engage with other Iraqi leaders for finding a resolution to the current political crisis. Ambassador Beecroft said Washington welcomes and fully supports President Barzani’s efforts.

The President and the US Ambassador also talked about the situation of Syrian refugees in Kurdistan. Ambassador Beecroft said according to their data, 91% of Syrian refugees in Iraq reside in Kurdistan and Washington deeply appreciates the KRG for continuing to accept Syrian refugees and to provide humanitarian aid to them. So far more than 75,000 Syrian refugees live in Kurdistan.

(Source: KRG)

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