Video: Is Iraq Heading for its own Arab Spring?

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Last week demonstrators in Iraq converged at the so-called 'tent city' protest to hear the Sunni finance minister announce his resignation live on stage, where he stated that "it doesn't honour me to be part of a sectarian government":

(Source: Jewish News One)

One Response to Video: Is Iraq Heading for its own Arab Spring?

  1. Lorenzo 5th March 2013 at 23:23 #

    Sure, no doubt about it. What people of Iraq is going through is unique. No matter if you are sunni, shia, turkomen, kurd iraqi.

    The central government of Iraq has a record of corruption and nepotism. Look at all the promises they have given and what they have delivered.

    Democracy has many flaws but still I do not have any better option. Make war to corruption and nepotism in all of Iraq.