Investment Opportunity in Nassiriya

By John Lee.

Iraq's Ministry of Construction and Housing has announced an investment opportunity in the governorate of Nasiriyah to build a residential complex for Ministry staff and state employees.

The project is located on a 250,000 m2 site on the island of Kushmarah, on the highway in the northern part of Nasiriyah city, adjacent to the College of Technology.

The complex will consist of 801 houses, in three different styles:

  • 61 "Form1" houses of 200 m2, on sites of 300 m2;
  • 230 "Form2" houses of 180 m2, on sites of 250 m2;
  • 510 "Form3" houses of 160 m2, on sites of 200 m2.

The development, to be completed within three years, is to include service buildings such as schools, kindergartens and nursery, a mosque, health center, supermarkets, services area, shops, and a management building for the complex.

More information can be obtained from [email protected] or [email protected]

(Source: NIC)

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