KRG PM Barzani’s Speech in Reichstag Building

Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen

Thank you for inviting me to address this important forum on energy and foreign policy.

We in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq have a great respect for Germany, one of the world’s most successful and established federal democracies.

Ten years ago, the US and its allies removed Saddam Hussein from power, ending 30 years of an oppressive regime.

Despite the many problems faced by the rest of Iraq since then, in Kurdistan we have:

  • Maintained stability,
  • Promoted economic growth
  • Achieved social progress, and
  • Built democratic institutions.

Our energy goals are simple:

  • To use our natural resources wisely so that our people prosper, and
  • Never again face the terrors of genocidal rule.

As Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region, I want to discuss today how Germany can help.

Because our success will be your success.

Distinguished Guests,

I have heard today that Energy security is a key focus for German foreign policy. I believe that this is an opportunity for Germany to strengthen its partnership with Kurdistan.

Germany can capitalize on:

  • our dynamic economy,
  • our energy resources,
  • our security stability,
  • our moderating influence in the area
  • Germany can maximise relations with other key players in the region.
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