Over 5m Tons of Food Imported in 2012

By Matthew Gayle.

According to the state-run Grain Board of Iraq, over 5.4 million tons of food were imported into Iraq last year to cover the state-run food rationing system that was originally initiated in 1990.

The system food rationing system was put into place to help offset the impact of U.N. trade sanctions, and allowed Iraqi families free access to quantities of certain food items at almost no charge.

"We imported 2.5 million tons of wheat in 2012," said the board's chief Hassan Ismael. Ismael added that annual imports of wheat are usually higher, but domestic wheat yields were high last year with government silos receiving 1.8 million tons from Iraqi farmers.

Ismael also pointed out that Iraq imported 1 million tons of rice, 800 million tons of sugar, 500,000 tons of baby milk formula and 600 tons of cooking oil.

The volume of food imports referred to by Ismael does not represent the food shipments into Iraq by the private sector.

(Source: Azzman)

One Response to Over 5m Tons of Food Imported in 2012

  1. Miguel May 10th July 2013 at 23:16 #

    I think there was an error on the reported Sugar amount. If I am correct, the amount should have been 800,000 tons not 800 Million tons if the 5 Million tons import amount is correct. Be well.