Graduation Ceremony for Kurdistan MPs

British Consul General Mr. Hugh Evans with the Speaker of Kurdistan Parliament in a ceremony handed participation certificates to 32 MPs and 4 Parliament Advisors.

The certificates were for a training course on media relations covering areas such as ‘how to speak to the press’ and ‘how to do effective public speaking’.

The speaker Dr. Arsalan Bayiz said:

"These are essential training courses and has an impact on learning more about democracy. We are in need of other countries’ experience and I would like to thank the British Consul General for supporting this training. I would also like to thank IMCK for conducting the training course."

British CG Hugh Evans Said:

"This is an essential training for the Parliament. This programme is a part of a bigger programme we have with the Presidency of Parliament. We are looking forward that Kurdistan Parliament becomes one of the best Parliaments in the region."

(Source: UK FCO)

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