US Mission in Iraq Celebrates Environment Month

Commemorating Environmental Month and Earth Day in Iraq, the Public Affairs Section (PAS) sponsored Iraqi-American Cultural and Science Envoy Thomas (Taha) Rassam Culhane for a Renewable Energy Road Show in Baghdad and Erbil April 13-22.

Dr. Culhane is known for his exciting record of introducing renewable energy solutions to problems of unreliable electricity and inadequate garbage and sewage disposal throughout the world. Chief among these systems is the biodigester, a modern technological process of transforming kitchen and animal waste into fuel and fertilizer that could have immediate, beneficial worldwide effects, including for Iraqis.

In Baghdad, Culhane addressed audiences at the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), the University of Technology, the UN Assistance Mission in Iraq (UNAMI), and the U.S. Embassy. In Erbil, he met with officials of the Kurdistan Regional Government, the Erbil Governorate, the Province and City of Kirkuk, and the UN Development Program, and gave a lecture to students from Salahaddin University.

A National Geographic Emerging Explorer, Culhane returned to his mother’s native country of Iraq – where he lived as a child and as a university student - after 24 years to showcase various renewable energy technologies including wind and hydro turbines, solar thermal and solar photovoltaic panels, as well as water purification and tri-fuel generator systems.

As Dr. Culhane announced during his renewable energy presentation at MOST:

Nobody in Iraq should ever have to go without electricity, light, or energy for cooking and heating once these technologies are available for study and replication.

(Source: Embassy of the United States)

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