Conman Jailed for Selling Fake Bomb Detectors

The conman who made $84 million selling fake bomb detectors to Iraq and other countries has been jailed for ten years by a court in the UK.

Passing sentence on Jim McCormick, Judge Richard Hone said:

"The device was useless, the profits outrageous and your culpability as a fraudster has to be placed in the highest category ...

"... your fraudulent conduct ... in all probability materially contributed to causing death and injury to innocent individuals ...

"In terms of culpability and harm, I have been unable to imagine a more serious case of its kind."

The judge described the profits as 'obscene', funding grand houses, a greedy and extravagant lifestyle, and even a yacht.

McCormick sold the 'ADE 651'  devices through his company, Advanced Tactical Security & Communications Ltd (ATSC).

The devices are reported to be still in use throughout Iraq.

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