WesternZagros Starts Garmian Drilling

By John Lee.

WesternZagros Resources has announced that it has started its latest Garmian Block drilling program in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

The Mil Qasim Upper Bakhtiari-1 well was spudded on May 19, 2013. This is the first of a planned three-well program to test the potential of the shallow Upper Bakhtiari Formation.

With the two deeper Hasira-1 and Baram-1 well included, this is also the first of the Company's five well Garmian drilling program planned for 2013.

Simon Hatfield (pictured), CEO of WesternZagros commented:

"Spudding this well is a key step in testing the Upper Bakhtiari Formation, a new reservoir which exhibited oil shows when we drilled the Mil Qasim-1 well in 2011/2012. Subsequent review of logs and seismic data identified a relatively shallow, low-cost prospect.

"We are also on track with our higher impact Garmian wells: at Hasira-1 the rig is being assembled for spudding in the next few weeks; and at Baram-1 the site construction is advancing and the rig is being transported for a mid-third quarter spud.

"Also, at Kurdamir-3 we are making good drilling progress. With four active rigs, 2013 promises to be the busiest year in our history to date."

GARMIAN BLOCK (Operated by WesternZagros)

Upper Bakhtiari Drilling Program

Upper Bakhtiari-1 was spudded on the crest of the Mil Qasim Structure. It is the first of three wells planned to explore the potential of the shallow (500 to 700 metres depth) Upper Bakhtiari Formation in the southern part of the Garmian Block. Testing results are anticipated in the third quarter of 2013.

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