WesternZagros Starts Garmian Drilling

Hasira-1 Exploration and Appraisal Well

The drilling rig for the Hasira-1 exploration and appraisal well is on location and in the final stages of preparation for a spud date in early June, 2013. This well has two objectives: the first is to appraise the extent of the oil leg previously discovered in the Jeribe reservoir at the Sarqala-1 well; the second is to explore the deeper Oligocene reservoir that could not be evaluated when drilling Sarqala-1.

The Company believes that this deeper interval is equivalent to the one recently tested at high rates in the Chia Surkh-10 well on the adjacent block to the southeast of the Garmian Block. The Hasira-1 well is designed to be completed in either the Jeribe or the Oligocene reservoir depending on testing results. Hasira-1 is expected to take approximately seven months to drill to a planned total depth of 4,100 metres.

Baram-1 Exploration Well

The Baram-1 well is on track to spud in the third quarter of 2013, in order to explore a potential extension of the oil leg in the Oligocene reservoir of the Kurdamir discovery into the Garmian Block. WesternZagros expects the well to take approximately five months to reach the planned total depth of 3,800 metres. A drilling rig has been deployed from North America for this well.

KURDAMIR BLOCK (Operated by Talisman (Block K44) B.V.)

Kurdamir-3 Appraisal Well

Drilling operations began at the Kurdamir-3 appraisal well on the giant Kurdamir oil discovery on February 22, 2013. Currently, casing is being set in the top seal above the targeted Oligocene reservoir at a depth of approximately 2,400 metres before drilling continues to a planned total depth of 2,800 metres.

The well is being drilled on the southwest flank of the Kurdamir structure to appraise the vertical and areal extent of the oil leg in the Oligocene reservoir. Kurdamir-3 is approximately three and five kilometres from the Kurdamir-1 and Kurdamir-2 discoveries respectively. Testing results from Kurdamir-3 are anticipated in the third quarter.

(Source: WesternZagros Resources)

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