Designs Unveiled for New Baghdad Library

By John Lee.

AMBS Architects has shown its designs for the first public library to be built in Iraq since the 1970s.

The 45,000 m2 building will be located on a teardrop-shaped peninsula at the heart of the Youth City masterplan dedicated to supporting and inspiring young Iraqis.

According to a report from Dezeen, the British-Iraqi firm will create a double-curvature roof structure with an 80-metre span, forming the world's biggest single-span reading room.

The building will house over three million books, including rare manuscripts and periodicals, as well as computers, digital media resources and spaces for hosting performances and events.

When viewed from above the roof will display the word "read" in the Arabic Kufic script.

AMBS Architects, co-founder and director Marcos De Andres said:

"We have challenged the conventional library model, conceiving it as a modern, multi-functional public space ... We identified core activities and paid special attention to the exchanges we wanted to engender through use."

The building is scheduled to tender later this year.

(Source: Dezeen)

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