Law to Reform Political Financing is Blocked

Ashour added: “Holding elections without this law will distort the voting process. Ratifying the law will protect the democratic experience in Iraq from intruders and infiltrators, and there is a pressing need to register parties and prove their identity to pave their way for the coming elections and to conserve the democratic aspect and integrity of the elections.”

Riyad al-Zahiri, an Iraqi researcher who holds a Ph.D. in political science, said, “We cannot talk about a democratic system in Iraq unless the Iraqi constitution from the year 2005 is completed, along with the main laws governing political life in Iraq.”

Speaking to Al-Monitor, he added, “Article 39 of the constitution stipulated the right of Iraqis to form political parties and guaranteed their right to join these parties and withdraw from them. However, this constitutional base needs a law that specifies in detail the establishment measures, as well as the rights and obligations of parties, the means of implementing their programs, funding methods and their relations with each other.”

However, it seems that the political parties law will not be implemented before 2014, and Iraqi parties will compete in the next legislative elections in the absence of a law that governs their work.

Ali Abel Sadah is a Baghdad-based writer for both Iraqi and Arab media. He has been a managing editor for local newspapers as well as a political and cultural reporter for more than 10 years.

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