Greek Company wins $26.8m Hospital Deal

By John Lee.

Greek company TERNA has reportedly been awarded a $26.8m turnkey contract to construct a 100-bed hospital in Basra.

According to Construction Weekly, the design and build project consists of a general hospital covering a built area of 18,000 m2, including 2,000 m2 for a staff residence and 22 rooms for special care. It will come complete with all electromechanical facilities, medical equipment, furnishings, external surfacing and landscaping.

It will include intensive care units, operation theatres, diagnostic services, acute medicine, pediatrics and obstetrics, disaster medicine and medical education system. The project is to be completed in January 2015.

The project, TERNA’ s first in Iraq, is being carried out through the Governorate of Basra on behalf of the Ministry of Health.

(Sources: Construction Weekly)

2 Responses to Greek Company wins $26.8m Hospital Deal

  1. Rizgar 24th July 2013 at 21:42 #

    This is way too cheap and therefor, this will NEVER succeed!

    Rizgar Khoshnaw
    Washington, DC

  2. nemesis 25th July 2013 at 01:46 #

    average medical bill for birth in US is 30000 USD in GB 15000 USD. Prince William is lucky that he is in England!

    If we talk about medical costs :/.