Ribbon Cut on new Bazurgan-Halfaya-Fao Pipeline

By John Lee.

The Director General of Missan Oil Company has cut the ribbon on the 272-km crude oil pipeline from Buzurgan to Halfaya and onward to the tanks reservoir at al-Fao [al-Faw]. It starts from meeting point of the two lines from Buzurgan and Halfaya.

The 42-inch-diameter pipeline was built in cooperation with the South Oil Company (SOC) and local government in Missan and Basra.

The project includes installing of five cathode stations to protect the pipe from corrosion and eight electrical valves, as well as pump station and systems of meters to calculate mounts of exported oils and central control unit in Halfaya field, in addition to sub stations in Buzurgan and Fao.

the project will implement by the Chinese company CBC [CPP?] and Iraq's State Company for Oil Projects (SCOP).

(Source: Missan Oil Company)

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