Iraqi Power Plants Use 60m L/Day Fuel

By John Lee.

Iraqi power stations are using nearly 60 million liters of fuel per day, according to a report from Azzaman.

The Oil Ministry issued the statistics in response to complaints by the Ministry of Electricity, which has repeatedly blamed lack of fuel for power shortages.

Last month Iraq signed a multi-billion deal with Iran for the import of Iranian natural gas to feed two power plants in Baghdad and one in Diyala.

Besides major plants linked to the national grid, there are thousands of small generators across the country, which are put to work to once the national grid is off.

Private generators consume more than 8 million liters of gas oil per day, the Ministry added.

The fuel supplied to owners of private generators is subsidized since most households in Iraq either own one or are linked to medium size generators serving several households.

(Source: Azzaman)

(Picture: Taji Power Station)

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