When Will the Blackouts End?

Iraq's Ministry of Electricity has just promised that shortages will be eliminated by the end of the year. Readers of Iraq Business News will remember a previous commitment, made in strident terms just four months ago, to end blackouts by the end of October.

Ministry spokesperson Musaib Mudaris claims the country now produces around 11,000 megawatts, still short of the country’s total needs, estimated at 13,000 megawatts. From a first glance at these figures, one might expect that most residents and businesses have power most of the time, but the reality on the ground is different.

Al-Monitor's Ali Abdel Sadah, for example, reports that Baghdad residents on average enjoy six hours of electricity a day, while some areas of the city remain completely without electricity. So in addition to some scepticism about the numbers, there appears to be a major problem of distribution.

The good news is that funds are being directed to solving these problems, with the Ministry's budget for this year being increased to $14 billion. And while many contracts have already been issued, this should still create more opportunities for engineering businesses.

Meanwhile, we will continue to watch the real availability of electricity throughout the country, and remind the Ministry of its commitments.

If you are in Iraq, please tell us your experience of electricity supply in the comment section below.

2 Responses to When Will the Blackouts End?

  1. Salem 15th August 2013 at 12:48 #

    Thank you for this a good news as the funds, with the Ministry’s budget for this year being increased to $14 billion as I hope to solve the major problem of distribution in my beloved country relate to the blackouts and electricity. you said while many contracts have already been issued.Please I concern about these contracts and future contracts as well as I have research in my Master degree in Port management. You know the ports are concerned about the cargo in which imports and export will be. So as we have more projects and contracts with huge quantity of fund, my port will estimate to receive more vessels traffic that's why I ask kindly to provide me some information about the Iraqi's project.
    Best regards