Bombs Again Shut Ceyhan Pipeline

Iraq’s oil exports to Turkey were halted again on Wednesday, this time by bomb attacks targeting the oil pipeline north of Baghdad.

Reuters' sources say one attack took place at around 0100 local time near Hadhar in Nineveh Province, 80 km south of Mosul, with another section of the line also attacked near Fatha, between Kirkuk and the northern city of Baiji.

The process of oil production has not been compromised, though the exports have stopped altogether,” a senior executive from the state-owned North Oil Company told AFP, describing the attacks as “the most violent since 2003.

Repairs are expected to take several days.

(Sources: AFP, Reuters)

(Picture: Ceyhan port, Turkey)

One Response to Bombs Again Shut Ceyhan Pipeline

  1. Anna Bachmann 22nd August 2013 at 16:18 #

    We have heard, and what is not covered here, is the environmental impacts. After the with the bombing of this pipeline, oil was flowing into the Tigris River, thus the impact on Iraqis and Iraq's rivers and environment is severe.