Consul General Promotes Opportunities in Iraq 

In an interview with The Arab American News, Al Manhal Al Safi, the Iraqi Consul General in Detroit, said:

You don’t see it on television, but, actually, people are traveling to Iraq, people are building new houses...You won’t see that it’s normal in the media, but when there is a car bomb, or whatever, they put it on the news ... There is so much good news coming out of Iraq that no one really sheds light on.

“The country needs everything, starting with the infrastructure, investments, housing, medical treatment, hospitals, education, schools, and many aspects of life in Iraq."

He added that, while his office doesn’t handle investments, it can help lead people who are interested in learning more about how to start the process in the right direction.

The government is investing in mass projects around the country,” he said.

Iraq is also becoming a tourist destination for many people, with many tourist attractions. He cited a museum in downtown Baghdad that he visited last year which was newly renovated as a great tourist attraction.

It is marvelous and beautiful, and it has been done by an Italian firm that deals with museums. It is really a tourist attraction,” he said.

(Source: Arab American News)

(Picture: Iraqi Consulate in Detroit)

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