Voter's Revolution in Ninawa

By Abdullah Salem.

This article was originally published by Niqash. Any opinions expressed are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Iraq Business News.

Voter's Revolution in Ninawa: Local Minorities take over Provincial Govt

Local elections in the troubled northern state of Ninawa have seen the provincial council dominated by ethnic and religious minorities from outside the capital city. So why did Arab politicians lose their jobs?

Recent elections have seen the local government in the troubled and often controversial, northern state of Ninawa undergo a kind of revolution. Locals voted for representatives of various ethnic and religious minorities to represent them, rather than the local Arab politicians who have represented them in local government in the past.

After elections were held on June 20, in Ninawa and in Iraq's Anbar province, due to alleged security issues, Ninawa's local council is now composed mainly of Yazidis, Shabak, Christians, Kurds and Turkmen. Kurdish and Yazidi politicians won 11 seats, the Turkmen got six and the rest went to Shabak and Christians.

“The number of seats won by minorities shows the amount of popular discontent here and the clear lack of confidence in the previous provincial council,” local political scientist, Hamza Hussein, told NIQASH. The council only has three of Mosul's residents on it now. They are Atheel al-Nujaifi, who was re-elected as governor of the province, Hussein al-Abbar and Hassan al-Allaf. The other 36 are from outside Mosul and they were elected by residents in different districts.”

The newly elected council has meant that the president of the council is a Kurd, Bashar Kiki, while the council has a Turkmen – Nour ad-Din Qabalan, serving as vice-president. The Arab governor's deputy is also Kurdish, Abdul Qader Battoush, and the second deputy is Arab, the aforementioned al-Allaf.

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