ShaMaran Confirms Extension Of Field Area

ShaMaran Petroleum has reported the results of the Atrush-3 appraisal well ("AT-3") drilled in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

The AT-3 well was spudded on 23rd March 2013 using the DQE31 drilling rig and was drilled to a total depth of 1,806m. The well is situated approximately 6.5km east of the AT-2 well and approximately 9.6km east of the AT-1 discovery well.

AT-3 was specifically designed as a stepout to the east of the existing wells and to reduce the uncertainty on the depth and nature of the Oil Water Contact ("OWC") / Free Water Level ("FWL") in the "BSAM" reservoir (the Jurassic Barsarin-Sargelu-Alan-Mus formations). The well matched the pre-drill expectations by finding the main target "BSAM" reservoir entirely oil-bearing and the Jurassic Butmah reservoir in the water leg.

The Atrush field is undergoing an appraisal drilling program providing valuable information such as oil/water contact definition, oil gravity/viscosity variations, extent of quality reservoir, permeability and porosity data, etc. All this data is important information for development planning purposes and for future resource updates.

A successful coring campaign was completed on AT-3 recovering seven cores totalling more than 72 metres from the "BSAM" section. Three drill stem tests ("DST") were conducted with the results confirming the extension of the field area 6.5 km to the east.

DST1 was conducted as a short test over an 18m interval in the uppermost porosity section of the Butmah formation. Using an ESP the well was produced at approximately 1500 barrels of water per day with reported viscous oil cut of 1%-6%. The test indicates that the tested interval is in close proximity to the deepest calculated FWL from the AT-1 and AT-2 wells.

DST2 commenced on 29th July and was conducted over a 30m interval across the Lower Alan & Mus formations within the "BSAM" reservoir. The test produced up to 1500 barrels of oil per day (surface oil measurements ranged between 10° & 17° API) with no water.

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