More Foreign Firms Find Opportunities in Iraq

The sectarian violence continues in Iraq, with 80 people killed in a wave of bombings across Baghdad on Wednesday.

But despite the best efforts of the terrorists, Iraq still presses ahead with its development, and foreign companies continue to seize opportunities to contribute to the country's growth and prosperity.

In recent days, for example, we've seen the announcement of a new Sheraton hotel in Dohuk, an American pest-control company starting operations in Erbil, and a major Japanese industrial company open an office in Basra.

As the Iraqi Consul General in Detroit, Al Manhal Al Safi, said last week:

"There is so much good news coming out of Iraq that no one really sheds light on ... The country needs everything, starting with the infrastructure, investments, housing, medical treatment, hospitals, education, schools, and many aspects of life in Iraq."

And while it's entirely understandable that news of atrocities makes the headlines in the mainstream media, here at Iraq Business News we remain committed to bringing you the full picture from a business perspective.

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