Hotelogix Wins Contract in Erbil

Erbil Oscar Premium Hotel is a well-known, 5-star property located in the heart of Erbil, Iraq, the city which is touted to be the 2014 tourism capital of Iraq. The hotel required a cost-effective pricing software that could manage the entire hotel’s departments, i.e. restaurants, gym and swimming pool, minibars, etc., in an extremely easy to use manner.

They had nearly finalized to go ahead with a legacy giant, but once they saw the interface and features of cloud based Hotelogix PMS, they realized this was the solution better suited for their requirements; Hotelogix gave them a complete property management solution.

Mr. Aditya Sanghi (pictured), CEO and co-founder of Hotelogix is elated to say:

In this technological era, cloud based technology is the best option for properties around the world. It is cost-effective, efficient and better suited to integrate with the current online technologies like distribution.

Mr. Shahab Hamid, owner of Erbil Oscar Premium Hotel, is of the same opinion:

The main important advantage we saw in Hotelogix after comparing with other PMS; we didn't have to install any server or any kind of wired network, since Hotelogix is a cloud based system (It’s a Plug and Play Model Concept). The Ejaftech team created a full wireless network for us, which has saved us a lot of investment. Compared to an offline legacy model, there was no Data destruction here. Another great benefit is that even though I travel a lot, I can access my hotel from anywhere, anytime and anyplace.

The support provided by Hotelogix and our Iraqi reseller, Ejaftech was another impressionable factor in Erbil Oscar Premium House opting for Hotelogix. Once the hotel signed up, Ejaftech created a wireless network for them and provided full open time training and support. Hotelogix assisted the hotel for any support required and also listened to any feedback the hotel had. Erbil Oscar Premium Hotel is confident that Hotelogix shall give them great ROI and boost their occupancy levels.

Erbil Oscar Premium Hotel is extremely grateful that they chose Hotelogix instead of their previous option, “Thanks to Hotelogix and Ejaftech Team, for providing such a good solution to us, which we selected immediately after working on it with your team.”

(Source: Hotelogix)

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