Gulf Precast Builds 65 Schools in Iraq

UAE-based Gulf Precast has signed a contract to build 65 precast schools in various locations in Central Iraq.

The design of the schools and their boundary walls has already been finalised. While the initial part of the production is under way in the UAE, Gulf Precast is already in the process of setting up a production plant in Iraq. This is the first phase of the international expansion strategy of the UAE Precast Leader.

The Precast schools awarded to Gulf Precast are a part of an Iraqi national program to build 1,485 schools across Iraq this year. The schools have been specified using precast construction, and consist of 6, 9, 12, 18, and 24 class rooms. While several potential Precast Manufacturers had been considered, Gulf Precast, which has been operating in the Emirates for the last 28 years, has been selected both for its wealth of expertise and for its readiness to set up a Precast Plant in Iraq.

The Iraq factory will cater for the second production phase of the schools project as well as for the fast-track infrastructure and housing program launched by the Iraq government, delivering quality construction by the UAE expert which handled many iconic projects, such as the Dubai Mall, the Paris Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi, high rise towers in the Jumeirah Beach Residence complex, more than 2,000 villas in the Al Falah Community Development, to name a few.

The new Iraq factory will complement the current 6 UAE plants managed by Gulf Precast as well as its 2 recent additions: its new Al Ain mobile Plant and Abu Dhabi Airport extension on-site Plant. Located in Baghdad, the Iraq factory is designed to produce 200 M3 of Precast per day in addition to 900 M2 of Hollowcore slabs daily.

Omar Araim, the representative of Gulf Precast in Iraq stated:

"The Iraqi government has launched an ambitious program of construction development which can only be achieved if modern performing technologies such as Precast are employed. By being present in the country during the initial stages of this program, companies such as Gulf Precast are positioning themselves as a key actor of the expected national expansion."

Gulf Precast's expansion strategy is not limited to Iraq only, but also includes numerous countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Libya, Oman, India and or Nigeria, countries in which Joint Ventures are in progress with governmental and private organisations.

Elias Seraphim (pictured), CEO of Gulf Precast declared that:

"The expertise gained by Gulf Precast in the very mature and demanding construction sector of the United Arab Emirates is perceived as a critical success factor by many of our Joint Venture partners or intended partners.

"They, in turn, bring to the partnership their extensive knowledge of the local construction market. In a few years' time, Gulf Precast intends to become an internationally renowned key player of the construction economy."

(Source: Gulf Precast)

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