Driving Risk, Reaping Rewards: G8 Investment Conference

I am lucky. My education and global perspectives (I represent a mix of nationalities and no longer live in my country of birth) have allowed me to see a big-picture frame-work and where I might fit. I have been exposed to corporate and government clients and big picture thinkers, who believe that the way we tackle the alignment between nation building and capacity building needs to be shaken up. This has allowed me to take risks.

My most recent one has been to leave a secure, employed environment to embrace my entrepreneurial spirit again – based on my passion for linking innovative technology and communicational models into national and international capacity needs. It has paid off. I am delighted to share with you that along with projects aiming to catalyse girls’ education through technology in four emerging economies, I will be working with the World Bank funded Private Sector Development Centre in Baghdad on an exciting opportunity, so watch this space!

So you see risk does lead to reward and being prepared to approach things in a new way can unleash transformation. However,  it must all be underpinned by personal confidence in the relevance of one's skills and abilities - as well as the passion and education to participate in an inclusive platform, able to collectively drive short term gains whilst heralding long term economic transformation.

Interesting ideas and links from Monday’s conference:

Bayt.com – an employment and job creation website, serving 13 million professionals and 50,000 employers across the region. Active in Iraq and interested in incubating great business ideas.

Education for Employment (EFE), building opportunities and training for youth in the Middle East and other parts of the world .

Unilever’s Middle East Sustainable Living Plan (sustainability, supply chain and corporate social responsibility spending)

Jordan Ahli Bank SME Academy Unit (supporting and educating entrepreneurs and SMEs)

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