KRG Cracks Down on Unauthorized Gas Stations

By John Lee.

The KRG's Ministry of Natural Resources plans to monitor tanker trucks carrying fuel from local refineries to petrol stations in order to regulate the price and quality of petrol in the region, according to a report from Rudaw.

Petrol stations receiving petrol from the government at a subsidized price are required to sell it to consumers at a standard price, but some resell it to other stations.

Herish Hussein, Erbil’s deputy mayor, said that the government is going to designate a dozen fuel tankers to transport gas from the local refineries to the stations, adding that a GPS system will be installed on each tanker to monitor it.

A committee has been formed to "constantly watch" the petrol stations, and the system would allow officials to monitor the quality and amount that each receives.

Director Nizar Abdulla from the Erbil Fuel Department said that 2.5 million liters of petrol is sold to gas stations in Erbil every day. “The gas stations only pay 480 dinars per liter and they are required to sell it for 500 dinars,” he added.

Abdulla also said that his department plans to lower gasoline prices by raising local production. “Since all the food sold to consumers involves transportation, this means that this initiative could lower the cost of food as well,” he added.

The local Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has been clamping down on illegal fuel sales in which quality and price went unregulated. Rudaw has learned that 11 petrol stations have already been charged for violating the regulation.

(Source: Rudaw)

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  1. Mike 4th October 2013 at 00:17 #

    How many petrol stations are there in Kurdistan ??