Romanian Ambassador meets with KRG

The Romanian Ambassador to Iraq, Mr Jacob Prada, met with Minister Falah Mustafa today to discuss ways to further develop ties with the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. The meeting took place a day after the Romanian Consular Office hosted their first National Day celebration in Erbil.

Also present in the meeting was the Assistant Head of the DFR, Ms Siham Jabali, and the Head of Romania’s Consular Office in Erbil, Mr Mihaita Ena.

Ambassador Prada thanked Minister Mustafa and the KRG for attending and helping organise the National Day Reception. On behalf of the KRG, Minister Mustafa congratulated the Romanian government and their people on the occasion of their National Day and wished people and government of Romania prosperity and progress.

Both sides discussed the number of ways in which relations can be further developed with Ambassador Prada talking about the increase in interest being shown by Romanian companies wishing to work on medium and large scale projects in Kurdistan. He spoke about how twinning cities and provinces in Romania with cities and provinces in Kurdistan will help facilitate not only improved political relations but also increased economic ties.

Minister Mustafa expressed his hope of seeing direct flights begin between Romania and Kurdistan, emphasizing that with this step coupled with the twinning of cities, there undoubtedly be an increase in mutual relations. He also stressed the importance of cultural and educational exchanges between Kurdistan and Romania as another way to further develop relations.

Finally they discussed the local political situation in Kurdistan with Minister Mustafa briefing the Ambassador about the latest developments particularly in the area of the formation of the new KRG cabinet.

(Source: KRG)

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