A Tool to Improve Human Rights in Iraq

UNAMI Human Rights Office and UNDP organized a 3-day workshop in Erbil, in preparation for the upcoming Universal Periodic Review (UPR) in 2014.

This was the second of a series of workshops which aimed at bringing together representatives of civil society organizations and, for the first time, members of the Iraqi High Commission for Human Rights and the Kurdistan Region Board for Human Rights.

The two Human Rights Institutions agreed to join their efforts to submit a comprehensive contribution on the human rights situation across Iraq. This workshop represented the first instance of formal cooperation between the Iraqi High Commission for Human Rights and the KRG Independent Board for Human Rights since their establishment approximately two years ago.

The workshop also provided NGOs and civil society organizations with the opportunity to directly raise their concerns with the representatives of the National Human Rights Institutions and propose solutions for a future enhanced cooperation.

“The series of workshops aimed at giving tools to NGOs and civil society activists to help them monitor and measure regularly the progresses made in regards of human rights in Iraq,” explained Daniele Rumolo, UNAMI Baghdad HR Officer. “With their unique vision, NGOs remain important actors in the UPR and their inputs and contributions to the global report are crucial,” he added.

(Source: UN)

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