UN Welcomes Humanitarian Corridor

United Nations Envoy Welcomes Agreement on Humanitarian Corridor from Iraq to Syria

The Government of Iraq and the United Nations in Iraq have reached agreement to facilitate the opening of a humanitarian corridor that will allow UN relief agencies (UNHCR, WFP, UNICEF) to resupply their warehouses in Eastern Syria with quantities of food and non-food items, medical kits and educational supplies from reserves in Iraq.

“The United Nations is grateful to the Government of Iraq and all who have worked closely on this important initiative. It is part of Iraq’s efforts to help alleviate the suffering of the Syrian people. I call on all to respect the humanitarian space and allow for the resupply to take place in an unobstructed manner,” Mr. Mladenov said.

UNHCR, WFP, UNICEF, WHO and other UN partner agencies are presently working in Syria, including in the north-eastern part of the country to support the civilian population affected by the current crisis. Their activities are being coordinated by the respective agencies based in Damascus.

(Source: UN)


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