New Research Reveals Leading ISX-Listed Banks

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Dunia Frontier Consultants has released the first report of its kind based on a 360-degree analysis of 14 top banks in Iraq. The report will help investors, bankers, and anyone who needs the banking sector, because it includes stock picks as well as our full survey of over 60 investors, retail and corporate customers.

Because credit expansion is central to Iraq’s expected 9%+ growth over the coming decade, the banking sector, the largest segment of the ISX, is the perfect play for Iraq.

Dunia has picked the top 4 bank stocks in terms of risk/reward – based not only financial criteria, also reputation and ability to build a traditional lending based business. The list of the top 4 banks holds some surprises; for instance, the top bank pick does not seem to be a current investor favorite!

The report is 65 pages long, with an appendix containing financial reference tables and the 60-page survey.

The report, entitled “Dunia Iraq Private Banking Sector Report,” can be purchased from the product area on Dunia’s website. The product area also has a teaser, with more detail on the approach and some high-level findings.

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