Urban Development in Post-Conflict Cities

By Leanne Case.

Solidere Beirut: A Good Practice Example of Urban Development for Other Post Conflict Cities to Follow?

So many towns and cities have failed to achieve comprehensive regeneration in the aftermath of war.

This paper, an abridged version of my MSc dissertation, explores the private sector led renewal model used in Beirut, commonly known as Solidere -- a project which has been successful where so many others have failed.

The approach used was unique and very controversial. This paper looks in particular at how the groundbreaking approach to land acquisition, impacted the development and the outcomes of this ambitious development programme.

This model is set to become Lebanon’s biggest export. Any urban practitioner involved in post conflict development should be asking whether this is a cause for celebration or concern.

Please click here to download the abridged dissertation.

(Picture: Saifi Square, Beirut - Solidere)

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