KAR Win Ninewa Refinery Contract

By John Lee.

Baghdad based Iraqi-Kurdish company KAR has won the contract to build Ninewa's planned 90,000 bpd oil refinery.

To date, the KAR Group have been working on the Erbil refinery in partnership with the Texas based Ventech Company, in addition to a number of oil, gas and construction projects in Iraq.

When complete the new refinery will also have an associated 300 MW power plant and will generate approximately $1.15 million a day in revenues for the province, according to Ninewa's Governor Atheel al-Nujaifi (pictured.) 

The move is another sign of Ninewa province's growing assertiveness over oil and gas issues and Governor Nujaifi's desire to move ahead with projects despite Baghdad's reservations. The refinery will be constructed in two phases, according to Ninewa Oil Committee chairman Hashim Brifkani. Quoted in Iraqi paper Al Mada, Brifkani noted,

“The refinery will have an initial capacity of 60,000 bpd, which will be raised to 90,000 bpd in the second phase.” 

It is unclear at present whether KAR Group will also construct the power station.

(Source: Emirates 24/7) 

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