Belgian Firm Completes Kufa Water Facility

By John Lee.

Belgian sewage and water treatment firm Turbo4bio have announced the completion of the new waste water treatment plant at Kufa.

The 50,000 cubic meter per day capacity installation involves new technology developed by the company CEO Hans H. Badreddine.

Badreddine remarked how pleased he was with the completion of work at the site:

“The partnership with the An-Najaf city goes beyond meeting new regulatory requirements. It combines technical know-how with operational expertise to implement a solution which positively impacts the environment through guaranteed performance."

The $440 million facility will be operated by the firm for one year before being passed over to Iraqi control, and incorporates a technology known as RBBR- "Returned Biomass Bio Reactor" an advancement on industry standard MBBR technology developed in the 1980s.

A company spokesperson described RBBR as,

"an advanced MBBR/IFAS process,where unique biomass carriers are intensively moved in Turbo Reactors ensuring an entirely attached growth process of biomass resulting in optimal effluent parameters all within a restricted footprint, practically free of odor, sludge, clogging and maintenance; an overall smarter, cleaner and greener WWT process."

(Source: Turbo4Bio)

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