KRG Ministerial Visit to Portugal

Mr. Sergio Sousa Pinto, Chairman of the Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee, also received the delegation. Minister Mustafa emphasized the importance of international relations for the KRG, explaining, "We want to expand our relations with the international community, particularly in order to benefit from the technology and expertise of other countries. Based on this, we can build a mutually beneficial relationship."

Chairman Pinto welcomed the message, asking a number of questions regarding the progress and opportunities in Kurdistan. The KRG delegation urged the Portuguese Parliament to recognize the crimes committed against the Kurds by the former regime as genocide, and suggested a parliamentary fact-finding visit to Kurdistan to explore greater cooperation. Minister Mustafa also held a meeting with parliamentarians from several parties, promoting the establishment of an all-party parliamentary group to support Portugal's relationship with Kurdistan.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs hosted a signing ceremony to officially inaugurate the newly established Business Association of Portugal - Kurdistan Region of Iraq. The Association is designed to enhance future cooperation, build commercial and economic bridges, and promote partnerships among private sector entities in Portugal and Kurdistan. The ceremony was attended by Minister Mustafa, Mr. Cesario, Mr. Shadala, and a representative from the Iraqi Embassy in Lisbon.

(Source: KRG)

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