KRG Ministerial Visit to Portugal

The Head of the KRG Department of Foreign Relations, Minister Falah Mustafa, led the KRG's first ministerial delegation to Portugal, meeting with a number of key officials from the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Parliament and inaugurating the Business Association of Portugal - Kurdistan / Iraq.

The KRG Representative to Spain, Mr. Daban Shadala, accompanied Minister Mustafa on the visit.

At the Foreign Ministry the KRG delegation was received by the Secretary of of State of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Luis Campos Ferreira, the Secretary of State of Portuguese Communities Abroad, Jose Cesario and the Director General for Foreign Policy, Rui Macieira.

Mr. Ferreira welcomed the delegation and said, "We have a number of issues of common interest to discuss, so I am thankful for your visit to Portugal and to our Ministry." He added, "It is very important to have Portuguese companies working in Kurdistan, which is peaceful and welcoming."

Minister Mustafa expressed his pleasure in conducting the KRG's first high-level official visit to Portugal. He said, "We believe both Portugal and Kurdistan can benefit from a stronger relationship. The KRG would warmly welcome Portuguese diplomatic representation in Kurdistan, and we very much hope you consider this possibility in the near future." For his part, Mr. Ferreira urged the KRG to establish a representation office in Lisbon.

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