Trade with Sri Lanka up 80%

By John Lee.

Trade between Sri Lanka and Iraq has risen 80 percent to $90 million, according to a report from Lanka Business Today.

Sri Lanka exported goods valued at $ 89.80 million to Iraq and imported goods valued at $ 0.19 million from Iraq during 2013.

Tea was the major export item to Iraq accounting for about 95% of the total exports to Iraq. It is also estimated that almost 15,000 MT of Ceylon tea is being exported to Iraq indirectly through Dubai, Jordan and Kuwait.

The Iraqi Ambassador to Sri Lanka, Kahtan Taha Khalaf (pictured), encouraged Sri Lankan medical personnel to work in Iraq, saying:

"We are also in need of Sri Lankan trained medical personnel such as anesthetists, nurses, and physicians since they are good. We are ready to provide all facilities, food and tickets with good salaries - minimum salaries starting from $ 2,000 per month and even going to around $ 4,000."

(Source: Lanka Business Today)

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