$4.7bn for Electricity Sector in 2014

By John Lee.

The Iraqi government has allocated $4.7 billion to build power plants and finance existing electricity projects this year.

Electricity ministry spokesperson Masaab Al-Mudarris told Zawya:

"As part of its 2014 plan, the Ministry of Electricity requested a budget of $12 billion to complete existing projects and to sign new contracts to compensate for the fluctuating shortage (of power), but the government only approved $4.7 billion."

Production capacity is currently 12,100 MW, with demand at 16,500 MW.

The Ministry of Electricity aims to produce an additional 7,500 MW by the end of 2014 and another 7,500 MW by the end of 2015.

According to Zawya, four new power plants were completed last year, but they are not yet operational due to gas shortages. The stations are:

  • Rumaila, Basra (1,460 MW);
  • Mansuriya, Diyala (730 MW);
  • Akkaz, Anbar (250 MW); and,
  • Alekiarp, Nineveh (750 MW).

(Source: Zawya)

(Picture: Power plant in Bayji)

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