Iraq-Kuwait Flights To Resume

By John Lee.

Direct flights between Kuwait and Iraq have resumed after 2 decades, Mawtani reports.

After initially starting at 2 flights a week, the eventual aim is to have daily flights, according to Iraqi Airways company director Capt. Saad al-Khafajy.

Al-Khafajy was optimistic about flying more passengers between the two countries on Iraq's national carrier, noting how the airline,

"Hopes to win the satisfaction of all travelers and seeks to offer the best services to passengers by offering travel aboard modern aircraft at competitive rates and fixed schedules."

The development is another sign of greatly improved relations between the two countries following the Ba'ath era in Iraq.

(Source: Mawtani)

10 Responses to Iraq-Kuwait Flights To Resume

  1. Uruki-the-Iraqi 19th March 2014 at 00:04 #

    An advice to the editors, If you want to be objective then STOP showing this ugly, dirty and old Iraqi Airways picture from the 1990s sanctions era and use newer Iraqi Airways livery shown on many of the new planes owned and operated by Iraqi Airways such as (YI-ASE Iraqi Airways Boeing 737-81Z) or (YI-AQZ Iraqi Airways Boeing 777-29M)

    You keep showing this picture which does not reflect the NEW Iraq nor does it portray the actual reality of the improved and the next generation and current state of operation of the beautiful Iraqi Airways, which will continue to fly over the Middle East and beyond for eternity regardless of all the negative reputation being spread by many of Iraq’s enemies!

  2. Ali Hussan 20th March 2014 at 11:00 #

    Dear Sir,

    I flew with Iraqi Airways from Baghdad to Gatewick London last year. I found that this airlines is not fit for purpose for many reasons. For examples, the passengers moved from one seat to another as they like, the airline made too much noise, the food is rubbish and above of all the staff of airlines were very aggressive. Please do not fly with Iraqi Airways.

  3. Ameer 20th March 2014 at 14:35 #

    Very Good start, but airfare should be equal, Kuwait Dinar is far bigger than Iraqi Dinar, as per oil export Iraq is booming, need to change value of Iraqi currency, hope every one understand-Ameer.

  4. Editor 20th March 2014 at 23:47 #

    @Uruki-the-Iraqi: thanks for your comment - good point. The pic has now been changed.

    - Editor

  5. Uruki-the-Iraqi 21st March 2014 at 20:26 #

    Thanks to the “Editor” for replacing the pic & keep up the good work. As to “Ali Hussan” negative comment and maybe he had a bad experience with Iraqi Airways but, we are sure there are valid reasons for that. First, the Baghdad-London route currently uses an old Boeing 767 plane (that is why it is noisy). Second, the food most likely needs improvement but it is served and provided by airports. Third, the service and seating is an Iraqi society issue (chaotic & disorganized after decades of wars), let us not forget what the country went through for the past 23 years (since 1991) and the sanctions. Finally, Iraqi Airways is a state owned company (non-profit) and it is not a private company (for-profit) like many other airlines around the world. Like “Ameer” said it is a good start and we also know Iraqi Airways has placed a firm order of 50+ new planes (mostly new Boeing planes but Airbus planes sure to follow as well) and it is under aggressive modernization but ultimately it all boils down to training Iraqi Airways pilots & staff, and in that regard it has a long way to go. No one can compare Iraqi Airways current state of affair to let say world renowned & legendary British Airways (BOAC before that) or Lufthansa (both being in steady operations since the late 1940s) unlike Iraqi Airways which suffered many service & operation interruptions… Also Iraqi Airways is proud to be staffed by 100% Iraqis, unlike other regional airlines like Kuwait Airways, Qatar Airways, Royal Jordanian Airlines or Emirates!!!

  6. Uruki-the-Iraqi 24th March 2014 at 08:45 #

    Correction… The Baghdad (BGW) - London Gatwick (LGW) route was serviced by an Iraqi Airways (YI-AQY) Airbus A330 plane last June 2013 which is relatively a modern and a new plane (first flight on 30-08-2012)… Also recently Iraqi Airways have returned their sole Boeing 777-200LR (YI-AQZ) back to the manufacturer on March 20, 2014… We would appreciate it if anyone would share with us the reasons or any information to why the plane is being returned to Boeing or whether that 777 is simply being sent back to “Seattle” to be painted with Iraqi Airways new Livery