US and Iraq Collaborate to Improve Service Delivery

By John Lee.

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Deputy Mission Director Alonzo Wind joined the Secretary General of the Council of Ministers Secretariat, Dr. Ali Al-Allaq, in opening the Third National Conference on Excellence in Services at the Sheraton Hotel in Baghdad on March 24.

The two-day conference provided an opportunity to recognize joint Government of Iraq and USAID collaboration in the field of “excellence” in governance.

In partnership with the USAID Governance Strengthening Project (GSP), also known by its Arabic name, Taqadum, (“progress”), the Government of Iraq has made efforts to improve service delivery by adopting mechanisms that are used by government officials in many countries.

These improvements come through the government excellence teams’ self-assessment of problems and solutions that directly address existing obstacles.  The mechanisms allow for continuous self-improvement within government entities.

In his remarks, USAID Deputy Mission Director Alonzo Wind congratulated the central and provincial governments on progress made in service delivery, highlighting in-house expertise and sustainability as core strengths.  Mr. Wind encouraged government officials to spread excellence best practices across Iraq for the benefit of the Iraqi people.

USAID’s Governance Strengthening Project supports the U.S.-Iraq Strategic Framework Agreement by assisting the Government of Iraq to develop service delivery and executive oversight capacities at the sub-national level.

(Source: US Embassy Iraq)

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