1500 Housing Unit Development Planned for Baghdad

By John Lee.

Baghdad governor Ali al-Tamimi has announced the completion of a plan for 1500 new housing units in the Baghdad governorate.

The moves comes as the Iraqi government recently announced it would be falling short of its target of 2.5 million new housing units to meet demand.

Housing and Construction minister Mohammed al-Darraji  (pictured) has said the government plans to spend $5bn on housing in the coming years.

At a recent Dubai summit, the Ministry of Housing and Construction called on UAE investors to help alleviate the situation promising excellent return on investment, due to high demand.

Governor al-Tamimi was optimistic about the recent development:

"Baghdad Governorate expressed its interest in the housing field and seeks to reduce the housing crisis through establishing the housing complexes within the plans of 2014 and the upcoming years.The Governorate coordinates with the Ministry of Housing and Construction in order to contribute in implementing the housing projects and reduce the housing crisis.'' 

(Source: AIN)

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