Bulgaria Strengthens Links with Kurdistan

The Bulgarian Deputy Minister of Economy and Energy, Krassin Dimitrov, visited the KRG Department of Foreign Relations today to brief officials about his visit to Kurdistan. He is leading a delegation comprised of officials from both the public and private sectors visiting Kurdistan.

The Iraqi Council of Ministers approved the Bulgarian government’s request to open a Consulate General in Kurdistan a few months ago and part of the reason behind the Deputy Minister’s visit to Kurdistan was to pave the way towards opening up the Consulate General in Erbil before the end of the year.

Welcoming him to the DFR was Minister Falah Mustafa who highlighted the importance of such high level visits. Minister Mustafa spoke about the number of different visits made by KRG officials to Bulgaria and expressed the KRG’s commitment towards bolstering mutual relations with Bulgaria and added, ‘We really hope to see the Consulate General open here soon. It will help facilitate relations and will help build all kinds of bridges between both sides.

The Deputy Minister reaffirmed his country’s commitment towards opening up their Consulate General in Erbil and said, ‘I believe Kurdistan Region has an extremely favourable business environment as well as a supportive government that will help our bilateral ties. We hope that we can work on direct flights between Kurdistan and Bulgaria in the near future.

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