Iraq is Accelerating - Don't fall Behind!

If anyone doubts the fact that Iraq is changing, and for the better, just look at the top three headlines in our Newsletter this week:

Of course there are still challenges to be overcome in the area of security, and the negotiations to form the next government are unlikely to be concluded any time soon, but the fact remains that Iraq is shipping more oil and re-developing its economy at a rapid pace.

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One Response to Iraq is Accelerating - Don't fall Behind!

  1. Sammy 9th June 2014 at 01:38 #

    Well if 37 bn wasted to build electricity has done absolutely nothing, you want me to believe that 7bn will reconstruct the country !!!!!!!
    We talking here about reality, this moron shukri must be a genius, talking about Arbil, it is not part of Iraq anymore!!!